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Test Prelims 2017 test Series Schedule

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Current Affair Test Activation Schedule 

Current Affair Test          Link               Activation Date             Current Affair for the Month
 Mock Test 1                 Activated     27th August                  July  Part 1
 Mock Test 2                 Activated     28th August                  July Part  2
 Mock Test 3                 Activated     31st August                   August  Part 1
 Mock Test 4                  Activated    2 September                  August Part 2
 Mock Test 5                  Activated    15 September               September Part 1 
 Mock Test 6                                       1 October                     September Part 2
 Mock Test 7                                       15 October                    October Part 1
 Mock Test 8                                       1 November                   October Part 2
 Mock Test 9                                       15 November                  November Part 1 

 Mock Test 10                                         1 December               November Part 2
 Mock Test 11                                         15 December             December Part 1
 Mock Test 12                                         1 January                  December Part 2
 Mock Test 13                                         15 January                January Part 1  
 Mock Test 14                                         1 February                January part 2
 Mock Test 15                                         15 February               February part 1
 Mock Test 16                                         1 March                     February Part 2
 Mock Test 17                                         15 March                   March Part 1
Mock Test 18                                          1 April                       March Part 2
 Mock Test 19                                         15 April                     April Part 1
 Mock Test 20                                         1 May                        April Part 2
 Mock Test 21                                         15 may                      May Part 1
 Mock Test 22                                         20 May                      July 2016 to May 2017  Full   
 Mock Test 23                                         25 May                      July 2016 to May 2017  Full

  Mock Test 24                                                1 June                     July 2016 to May 2017  Full   

Date of Mock Test
Topics covered
(The list is indicative to help   students; however, it is not exhaustive. A topic may have more subtopics)
Sources covered
Modular Test 1 

Test 11
September 15, 2016 (Personalized scheduling: reschedule the date of Mock tests based on aspirant's plan)

November 10

Indian Polity & Constitution
Political systems: concepts, forms and types
Political system as established by the Constitution
Indian          Constitution:          Historical
Underpinnings, Evolution & Making of
the Constitution, Features, Significant
The Preamble
The Union and its Territory
Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles
& Fundamental Duties
Amendment of Constitution
Emergency Provisions
Constitutional & Non Constitutional
Political systems: Democratic & Non-Democratic, Parliamentary & Presidential, Unitary & Federal, Direct and Representative, Republic and Monarchy etc.
Constitutionalism Historical Underpinnings Evolution & Making of the Constitution Features and Significant Provisions The Preamble The Union and its Territory Citizenship Fundamental Rights Directive Principles Fundamental Duties Amendment of Constitution Emergency Provisions Constitutional Bodies Election Commission Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)
State Public Service Commission (SPSC)
Finance Commission CAG
Attorney general of India
Advocate general of India
Special officer for Linguistic Minorities
National Commission for Scheduled Castes (NCSC)
National Commission for Scheduled Tribes (NCST)   Non-Constitutional Bodies NITI Aayog
NHRC, Governing Council, SHRC, CIC, SIC, CVC, CBI, Lokpal, Lokayukta, NCPCR etc.
         11th NCERT: Indian Constitution at Work
         Indian Polity by M Laxmikanth
Modular Test 2 
SEPTEMBER 20, 2016
Working of Indian Constitution
Central Government:       President, Vice
President, Prime minister, Central Council of Ministers, Parliament State Government:                 Governor, Chief
Minister, State Council of Ministers, State Legislature
President Vice President Prime minister
Central Council of Ministers and Cabinet committees Parliament: The Council of States, The House of People, Disqualification and Vacation of Seats, Presiding Officers of Parliament, Houses: Their Working, Legislative Procedures in Parliament, Budget, Powers and Functions of Parliament: Its Role, Committees of Parliament, Parliamentary Forums
         11th NCERT: Indian Constitution at Work
         Indian Polity by M Laxmikanth

Test 12

15 2016

Indian Federalism and Centre-State Relations
Local Government: Panchayati Raj, Local Urban Government
Judiciary: Supreme Court, High Courts, Subordinate Courts
Structure, organization and functioning of the        Executive;       Ministries        and
Departments of the Government. Elections
Transparency & Accountability - RTI, Citizen's Charter, e-Governance
Chief Minister
State Council of Minister
State Legislature
Indian Federalism
Centre State Relations
Panchayati Raj
Local Urban Government
Supreme Court
High Courts
Subordinate Courts: District Courts, Gram Nyayalayas, ADRs, NALSA etc.,
Structure, organization and functioning of the Executive.
Ministries and Departments of the Government.
Elections and political parties Representation of People's Act Election Process Governance
Transparency & Accountability RTI, Citizen's Charter, e-Governance

Test 3 

Test 13
October 1, 2016

20 2016
Physical Geography: World
       Solar System & The Earth: Origin, Geological History, Motions of Earth- Rotation, Revolution
       Latitude & Longitude
       Lithosphere: Earth's crust, Rocks, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, folding & faulting, Continental drift, Plate tectonics, Ocean floor spreading
       Landforms across the world: Rivers and lakes, Mountain and Peaks, Plateaus
       The Atmosphere: Structure, Weather & Climate, Solar Radiation, Heat Balance & Temperature, Pressure & Winds, Water in the Atmosphere, World Climate Types
       The Hydrosphere: Ocean water and their circulation
       Soil Geography: Types, Erosion, Conservation
Origin and evolution of Universe, Solar system Geological History of the Earth Geological Time scale
Latitude and Longitude including important Parallels and Meridians
Motions of the Earth and their effects
Inclination of the Earth's Axis and its effects
Local and Standard Time and the International Date Line, Calendar
Eclipses - Solar, Lunar
The Lithosphere - Interior structure of the earth, Earth's crust, Classification of rocks.
Landform Development - First order (continental drift theory, sea floor spreading, plate tectonics theory), Second order (Mountains, Plateaus, Plains & other landforms)
Internal forces & their impact - Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Folding, Faulting, Isostasy)
External forces & their impact - Weathering, Erosion & landforms thus developed
The Atmosphere - Structure, Composition Aurora and Magnetic Storms Weather & Climate
Insolation, Heat Budget, Distribution of temperature, Temperature Inversion
Pressure and Pressure belts Winds - Planetary, Seasonal and Local; Jet Streams Precipitation - Forms & Types, Distribution of rainfall Air Masses, Cyclones and anti-cyclones
        Certificate physical and human geography - Goh Cheng Leong
         11th NCERT: Fundamentals of Physical Geography or ICSE - Class IX: Total Geography

World Climatic regions
Oceans of the world - Features, Ocean waves, currents, tides & Tsunamis, Temperature & Salinity distribution, marine resources Soils - Classification, distribution, erosion & Conservation

Test 4 

Test 14
October 5, 2016

November 25
Physical Geography: India
        Introduction: Location, Area and Boundaries
        Structure and Relief: Physiographic Divisions
        Drainage System
        Weather, Climate and Seasons
        Natural Vegetation, Plant and Animal Life
Location: Latitude, Longitude
Northern Mountains, Plains of India, Peninsular Plateau and Islands of India.
Himalayan and Peninsular Drainage System
Spatial and temporal distribution of temperature, pressure, winds
and rainfall
Indian Monsoon: mechanism, onset and variability; spatial and temporal variations Climatic Regions of India Classification of Soils Problems of Soil and Conservation Forests and their distribution, Forest Conservation Map Based Questions from India (Location of state, city, river, lakes, minerals, important places including Ramsar sites, Biosphere Reserves, Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks)
         11th NCERT: India Physical Environment or ICSE - Class X: Total Geography
        Orient Longman Atlas or Oxford Atlas
Test 5 

Test 15
OCTOBER 10, 2016

1 2016
Economic and Social Geography: India &
Indian Geography
        Land Resources
        Water Resources
        Mineral and Energy Resources
       Transport and Communication
        Foreign Trade
        Population, Migration, Settlements
World Geography
        Continents (Land, city, rivers, agriculture, resources, industries, transport etc.):
Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia
        World Population, Distribution & Density, Races & Tribes, Settlement & Migration
Indian Geography
Major Crops grown in India
Agro-Climatic Regions
Types of Cultivation and Farming
Land Reforms and Land use pattern
Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Aquaculture
Water Resources- Availability and potential: Lakes, rivers, dams,
power and irrigation projects, wetlands and   inter-linking of rivers
Mineral Resources- classification and distribution
Energy Resources- conventional and non-conventional resources
Population and Growth trends - density, sex ratio, literacy, tribes and
racial groups in India
Rural and Urban Settlements- types and patterns Industries- types and their locational factors Transport and Communication -railways, highways, inland water transport, shipping and sea-ports, air transport Map Based Questions from India (Location of state, city, river, lakes, minerals, important places including Ramsar sites, Biosphere Reserves, Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks)
World Geography:
Major physical features, natural resources Agriculture, Industry, Mineral resources,
Infrastructure, Location factors and distribution of key natural resources across the world
World Population, density & distribution, races & tribes, settlements & migration
Map Based Questions from World (Location of state, city, mountains, plateaus, river, lakes, minerals etc.)
         12th NCERT: Fundamentals of Human Geography
         12th NCERT: India People and Economy or ICSE - Class X: Total Geography
        Certificate Physical and Human Geography - Goh, Cheng Leong
        Orient Longman Atlas or Oxford Atlas

Test 6 

OCTOBER 15, 2016

December 5
Modern Indian History (I)
India in the late Eighteenth Century The Advent of the Europeans and British Conquest of India
The British Administrative Structure, Reform, Impact and Organization of Government of India Socio - Religious Reform & Revivalist Movements in 19th - 20th centuries Popular Civil, Peasant and Tribal movements National Movement:
The Revolt of 1857 & changes after 1857
India under East India Company's Rule
        Struggle among European powers in India
         Regulating Acts and Charter Acts: Regulating Act of 1773, Pitt's India Act 1773 and Charter acts of 1784, 1793, 1813,1833, 1853
         Indian Kingdoms in 18th century: Marathas, Punjab, Mysore, Hyderabad etc.
         British Expansion policy: Doctrine of lapse, Subordinate alliance etc.
         Economic policies and their impact
         Education Policies
        Works of British Governor Generals
        Socio - Religious Reform and Revival Movements in the 19th century India: Brahmo Samaj, Arya Samaj, Theosophical Society, Ramakrishna Movement, Muslim reform movements, Parsi reform movements, Sikh Reform Movements etc.
        The civil, Peasant and Tribal movements of 18th and 19th century.
        The Revolt of 1857
        Changes in Indian Administration after 1858
      Old NCERT 12: Modern India by Bipin Chandra
       India's struggle for Independence - Bipin Chandra
Test 7
Modern Indian History (II)
Growth of Political Ideas and Political Organisations (up to 1885)
■ Old NCERT 12: Modern India by Bipin

20, 2016

Foundation of the Indian National Congress

National Movement: Moderate Phase
Moderate Phase (1885 - 1905)
■ India's struggle for Independence - Bipin

(1885 - 1905)
The rise of Extremism or Neo-Nationalism

National Movement: Extremist Phase
The first phase of Revolutionary Terrorism

(1905 - 17)
Partition of Bengal and the Swadeshi Movement

Emergence of Extremist & Leaders
The Surat Split

The Foundation of All-India Muslim League

The Partition of Bengal
The Morley-Minto Reforms or the Indian Councils Act, 1909

Morley-Minto Reforms
The Delhi Durbar and the Annulment of Partition of Bengal (1911)

Swadeshi Movement, Home Rule
The Lucknow Pact (1916)

Movement etc.
The Home Rule Movement

Montague Declaration (1917)

National Movement: The Gandhian Era
Montague-Chelmsford Reforms or the Government of India Act,

(1917- 47)


The Beginning of the Gandhian Era

• Gandhi - Advent and Achievement
The Khilafat Movement (1920-22) and Non Cooperation

• Rowlatt Act, Jallianawala Bagh Massacre


and Khilafat Movement
ihc Swarajya Party The Left Movement

• Non- Cooperation, Civil Disobedience and
The second phase of Revolutionary and Terrorist Movement

Quit India Movement
Anti-Simon Commission Agitation (1928-29)

• British Response and Negotiations
Nehru Report, 1928

• INA and Subhash Chandra Bose
Fourteen Points of Jinnah

The Lahore Session, 1929

Test 17
December 10

The Civil Disobedience Movement (The first phase)

Reforms / Acts / Committee, Congress Session, Governor -General Viceroys etc.
Peasant movements in 20th century
Growth of Education
Role of press, Indian capitalists class, women and working class in National movement
        The Dandi March, March 12, 1930 — March 5, 1931
        Gandhi-Irwin Pact, 1931
        Second Round Table Conference, 1931
        Second Phase of Civil Disobedience Movement
        Third Round Table Conference, 1932
        The Government of India Act, 1935
         Provincial Elections and Formation of popular Ministries in Provinces, 1937
        Other Political Developments, 1934-39
        The Struggle in the Princely States: The Praja Mandal Movement -
        Communalism: Different phases and forms of communalism in British India
        The Second World War and the National Movement
        The August Offer 1940
        The Individual Satyagraha 1940-41
        The Cripps Proposal, 1942
        The Quit India Movement, I942
        Subhas Bose and Indian National Army
        Wavell Plan and Simla Conference 1945
        General Elections in India, 1945
         Naval Mutiny: 1946
        The Constituent Assembly
        Attlee's Declaration
        The Indian Independence Act, 1947
         Partition Other Dimensions
Peasant movements in 20th century
        Growth of education
         Role of Press and Publications
         Role of Business groups
         Foreign policies of British India
         Miscellaneous: Reforms / Acts / Committee, Congress Sessions, Governor -General Viceroys etc.

Test 8 

Test 18
OCTOBER 25, 2016

India Economy (I)
National Income Accounting
Concepts: GDP, GNP, Measurement
National Income Accounting:
        Concepts: GDP, GNP, Market Price and Factor Cost, NNP, NDP, transfer payments, National income at FC, Personal Income, disposable income, factors affecting national income, net foreign facto income
        Measurement of national income: value added method,   income method, expenditure method, Application of various methods, Base year, GDP deflator
        Debates around GDP and other indices
         11th NCERT: Economics: Indian Economic Development
         12th NCERTs: Introductory Microeconomics & Introductory Macroeconomics
         Economic Survey

Money and Banking
Function of Money, Evolution of Money etc.
Banking: Need of Banks, Functions, Types, Banking Reforms, Central Bank and its role
Government Budgeting and Fiscal Policy
Budgeting, types, its evolution in India, Process, Components etc.
Public finance, Revenue and Expenditure, Deficits, Taxes, Debts etc.
Definition, types etc.
Measures to control
Unemployment and Poverty
Definitions, types and measurement
Money and Banking
        Money: Definition, Functions and significance, Evolution of Money, Money supply in India and factors affecting it
Need of banks, Function, Commercial Banks oCentral Bank: Importance, functions, Structure, Policy tools, Monetary Policy (CRR, SLR, OMO, Repo and Rev Repo, MSF etc.)
Banking Reforms Government budgeting and Fiscal Policy
        Budgeting: Evolution of Budgeting, Institutions and Laws, The Union Budget: Components - Revenue Account, Capital Account, Measures of Government Deficit etc., Weaknesses in the Budgetary Process
        Fiscal Policy: Public Finance - Role and Importance, Public Expenditure - Revenue and Capital, Development and Non­Development, Public Revenue - Sources of Revenue, Taxes: Classification, Direct and Indirect, Specific and Ad Valorem, Social and Economic Objectives of Taxes, Objectives of Taxation, GST, d.) Public Debt, Deficit Financing
        Inflation: Definition, Inflationary Gap and Inflationary Process, Inflation Cycles: Demand Pull Inflation, Cost Push Inflation, Causes of Inflation, Inflation Control measures
Unemployment and Poverty
        Unemployment: Types of Unemployment: Structural, Seasonal, Frictional, Cyclical, Nature of Unemployment in India
        Poverty: Definitions and measurement

Test 9 

Test 19
NOVEMBER 1, 2016

December 20
Indian Economy (II)
External Sector and Currency Exchange rates
BoP, BoT, International trade, Trade policies, issues and challenges etc.
Capital Market
Terms and Concepts
External Sector and Currency Exchange rate
        Balance of Payments: Definition, Current and Capital Accounts, Convertibility, Items Included in BoP, BoP and BoT
Capital Markets
        Basic Terms and Concepts, Equity and debt Instruments, Primary market and Secondary markets etc.
        Recent trends in Agriculture Sector,
        Cropping System and Pattern;
        Agricultural Marketing and Reforms;
        Agricultural Research;
        Sustainable Agriculture;
        Animal Husbandry
         11th NCERT: Economics: Indian Economic Development
         12th NCERTs: Introductory Microeconomics & Introductory Macroeconomics
         Economic Survey

Infrastructure and Communication Five year Plans
Economic Reforms since 1991 India and IMF, WTO , WIPO India and International Institutions
          Farm distress and government initiatives Industrial Sector:
        Industrial Policies,
        Labour Reforms
        Companies Act
        Make in India, Skill India
        Challenges in Industrial development
        Organised and unorganised sector
        PPP, Investment models
        Recent initiatives taken by the govt., etc.
        Issues and potential of services sector
        Government policies etc.
Five year Plans: Priorities and Performance, Issues related to planning Economic Policies till 1991
Economic Reforms since 1991: End of license Raj, Liberalization, Privatisation and Globalisation, FDI, FII, issues, challenges etc. Infrastructure: IT, Communication, Urbanisation, Transport, Mining, etc. International Institutions: WTO, IMF and World Bank: Purpose and Objectives, Organization and Functions, Working and Evaluation, Reforms etc.,

Test 10 

Test 20
NOVEMBER 5, 2016


Ecology & Environment
Basic Concepts & Components of the Ecology and ecosystem Global warming, Climate change and Ozone depletion
Environmental Issues and Pollution Biodiversity, flora and fauna Conservation efforts - India and World Sustainable Development Environmental Monitoring and Impact Assessment
Environment and its components Ecology and Functions of an ecosystem
        Terrestrial ecosystems
          Aquatic ecosystems Environmental problems:
        Climate Change
        Ozone Depletion
        Mitigation Strategies
          India and Climate Change Environmental pollution
        Air pollution
        Water Pollution
        Soil Pollution
        Noise Pollution
        Radioactive pollution
        Solid Waste
         Ecology and Environment - ICSE books 9th & 10th
         NCERT Biology 12th - Unit 10

        Basic Concepts
        Plant and Animal Diversity
        Marine Organisms
        Threat to Biodiversity
        Protected Area Network: National parks, Wildlife sanctuaries, Biosphere reserves, Reserved and protected forests, Conservation and community reserves, Village and panchayat Forests, Private protected areas, Conservation areas
        Biodiversity Conservation efforts
        Indian Biodiversity ad conservation efforts
          Bioprospecting, Biosafety, Biopiracy Conservation efforts: India and World
        Institutional and Organizational mechanisms
        Environmental Acts and Policies
          Environmental conventions Sustainable development
Environmental Monitoring and Impact Assessment

After Finishing 20 Modular Tests We will Upload 4 Mixed Tests Combining Part of The Syllabus Segregated Above By December 31st

Full Length prelims 2017 Mock Test 

 Test                      Link                    Publishing    Date                    

1                                                                             1 March
2                                                                              8 March
3                                                                              15 March
4                                                                               22 March
5                                                                               1 April
6                                                                                8 April
7                                                                                15 April                                                  

8                                                                                22 April

9                                                                                 1 May

10                                                                                8 May
11                                                                                15 May
12                                                                                22 May

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